An Electrical Sales Agency Leader Since 1958


Lester Sales Company was founded in 1958 by Ernie Lester. His vision was to offer the premier level of representation for the top electrical manufacturers in the industry. Ernie’s success was due largely to his ability to locate, recruit and hire the best possible sales team who shared his vision of “being the best” and representing “only the best”.

In 1974, Brian Chase began his career at Lester Sales as an outside sales representative. In 1996 after Ernie’s passing, Brian acquired Lester Sales and successfully led the company for the next sixteen years.

As Brian planned his retirement, he selected his successor, John Scott, as the next leader for Lester Sales Company. John came on board in 2009 and spent three years developing a deeper knowledge of the agency sales business. In 2012, John purchased Lester Sales from Brian Chase. John has over twenty years of experience in electrical distribution and holds a master degree in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M University. Under his leadership, the company has continued Ernie’s legacy by building their future success on a foundation of strong relationships with employees, manufacturers and customers.


1958:     Ernie Lester founds Lester Sales Company

1974:     Brian Chase joins Lester Sales as outside sales representative

1996:     After Ernie’s passing, Brian Chase purchases Lester Sales

2009:     John Scott joins Lester Sales as VP

2012:     John Scott acquires Lester Sales from the Brian Chase

2013:     Rick Gill joins Lester Sales as VP-Sales and Operations

2015:     Kevin Wood joins Lester Sales as VP-Sales for the Ohio market